Becoming Competition Proof

When:  Sep 1, 2020 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CT)
Berta Medina teaches audiences the tools for genuine networking. Audiences will learn to ignite interest by showing interest in others. By developing an outstanding and unique service culture laced with generosity, you will have access to an inimitable process for acquiring prospects, keeping loyal customers, and creating
ambassadors for your brand that will spread sought after word-of-mouth legitimacy for your business. They will learn how to shift the focus of networking to include purpose and perspective to change their results and magnify their networking efforts exponentially. They will discover a suite of questions and listening skills that create emotional connections that last. Through Q&A and interactive exercises, audiences will learn and practice the tools they need to create meaningful connections in the new economy. Becoming Competition Proof redefines the rules of customer service. Berta's value matrix is based in customer-centric, generosity-focused factors. Audiences will learn to create brand loyalty that outlasts transactions. People work with people they know, like, trust and who are leading from generosity.

In "Becoming Competition-Proof," audiences will learn how to:
- Over-deliver in value so that your brand stands out among the competition, even long after a transaction.
- Discover the external-focus that companies use to cement themselves as industry leaders.
- Out-perform the competition without resorting to price-slashing and devaluing your company's worth.
- Leverage your value matrix to create word-of-mouth ambassadors for your company.
- Create a friendly and likable brand with a generosity-focused image focused on impact -- not dollars.
- Uncover the building blocks of powerful teams who love the impact they're making -- rather than just "liking" or "tolerating" their jobs.